We promote Delaware's economy, bringing revenue and jobs to the State by continuing to uphold our position as Corporate Capital of the World and encouraging trade relationships which benefit Delaware businesses.



We preserve Delaware's heritage and showcase the historic legacy of our state through active historic preservation efforts, engaging educational programs, and stimulating exhibits that help people connect with aspects of our past.

Arts & Culture

arts & culture

We strive to bring the arts and culture of Delaware to all people through a variety of venues and media for the purposes of education, enjoyment and economic development, leveraging relationships with other organizations throughout the state.



Through regulation, licensing, and investigative and consumer services, we protect the public's health, safety, and economic welfare. We are also charged with the promotion and assurance of equal opportunity in public accommodation and housing.



We manage and facilitate access to governmental, educational and recreational information and provide a variety of resources and services that improve the quality of life for individual Delawareans and strengthen our communities.



We serve those who have served our nation by providing high-quality long-term care, by connecting them and their families with important benefit information, and through the administration of two state veterans cemeteries.

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